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A Breeder of distinction

German Shepherds

Our Dogs


Our dogs are why we love what we do. Here you can get to know our males, females and young adults: their bloodlines, awards and personalities. Each and every one of our dogs represent the finest German standards, but it is who they are that we love best. 

Our Puppies


Our puppies are full of curiosity, intelligence and love. Here you will be able to view our current and upcoming litters. We know that when you welcome a Von Waldberg puppy into your home you will be welcoming a friend who will give you their heart. 


Our Community

When you bring a Von Waldberg puppy or dog home, you have a lifelong companion. You also have a community with a 44 year history, a passion for the German Shepherd breed and a wealth of knowledge that you can access at any time. 


Whenever you need someone to care for and love your dog, we offer boarding and grooming to our clients and by referral. We offer a variety of customizable training options  to meet your specific needs and goals. And we can help you  import the perfect dog.


Our Services
What's New

We love all our dogs, but it is always exciting when a new dog joins the kennel family or when something special is about to happen. Here you will find updated information on new arrivals, events and special dogs we want to introduce you to.

Henrike 1.jpg

Meet Henricke!


Each and every one of our dogs hold a special place in our hearts. Here we will share fun photos, stories and anecdotes about our dogs as well as updates and news about the kennel.



Aggi is such a sweet girl and was very cooperative, waiting to give birth until the day after our holiday Open House. 

A first time momma dog, Aggi was a little confused at first what the squeaking was, but once she realized she had puppies she turned into an amazing and doting momma. 

So far mom and pups (4 boys and 1 little girl) are doing great. We have some fat happy babies. Please let us know if you would like to consider adding one of these special pups to your family. 

Aggi.Olymp.pups 1.jpg
Congratualtions Aggi!


How cute is this!

One of Josie's pups is all ready for Halloween!