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Cricket & Leeroy
Cricket & Leeroy

Our mascot and Bryan's pup out for a hike!


On a hot summer day, you need to stop and play in the water!


Even on the trail, Yuma is always looking back to check in with his dad.

Cricket & Leeroy
Cricket & Leeroy

Our mascot and Bryan's pup out for a hike!


A hiking and outdoors club for you and your dog!

As we watch our community grow, we have realized that we all share not only a love of our dogs but a love for the Pacific Northwest as our home. We live in a beautiful state and we would like to give you the opportunity to explore and enjoy the outdoors with your dogs and other people who love their dogs just as much.

We will plan events for all ages and skill levels. Leave the planning and organization to us, all you need to do is let us know you are interested and then come prepared to have fun and build memories. 



Who can go?

Our outings will be scheduled to accommodate all different levels of ability and ages. There will be something for everyone!


Events will fall into several categories

· Puppies 6-12 months

· Dogs over 1 year

· Open to all ages.


For 6-12 month puppies, hikes will be low impact and selected to be appropriate for your growing dog. Dogs over 1 year, we will choose more challenging trails with longer distances and may include changes in elevation. Events open to all ages will include beach playdates and camping trips accessible by car. Backpacking and overnight trips will be for dogs over 1 year only. Puppies under 6 months will be welcome for events that do not include hikes.


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How do I Join?

If you are interested in joining us on one of our outings, keep an eye open for emails and event announcements on Facebook. Hiking trips will be posted on our website and Facebook a minimum of 3 weeks prior. Backpacking and Camping trips a minimum of 1 month.


Registration for hiking and backpacking trips will be limited to 5-8 people (and dogs).


Camping trips accessible by car will be dependent on the capacity of the  chosen campsite. Beach parties will depend on the location chosen but should accommodate a larger number of participants.


Just let us know if you are interested in joining us. We hope to see you and your dogs on the trails!



What's Included?

These events are designed to be easy to participate in. For the most part, all you need to do is show up with appropriate clothing/gear. In general we will provide optional transportation, meals for people and snacks for dogs and all applicable fees (trail/rental fees, ferry transport, parking).


For hikes, camping and backpacking trips we also provide access to a water filter and basic first aid kit. 

For beach bonfires we will provide blankets, towels, food, music and fun!

For all events, participants are expected to comply with applicable park rules and regulations, leash laws and to be physically capable of completing the activity.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you there!

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For more information or to be put on our email updates, please contact us via or the contact us below! You can also access our Training and Events Calendar by clicking on the link below. Thanks and Happy Trails!




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