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Our Dogs

Our dogs represent loyalty, intelligence, compassion and security. Our breeding males and females represent the finest German bloodlines and heritage. Our young adults are individuals, born here or imported, that we believe show exceptional promise and we have chosen to reserve them to be evaluated for our breeding program. We invite you to explore and learn about our dogs and their family lines, titles, and awards. 

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Our Philosophy & Standards

Our goal is to produce dogs with the best temperament, conformation, ability who are confident and happy puppies when they go home. Our breeding dogs are registered with the SV (German Kennel Club) and many trace back to German and World champions. We do not include the American bloodlines and we breed to the German standard. German bloodlines are not only beautiful, but generally healthier with longer lifespans. We focus on the West German Show Lines. Not only are these the dogs we love, but they are typically better suited to being a loving family companion than some of the higher drive lines.

Most of our imported adults are rated V (Excellent) with heavy VA (Excellent Select) ancestry. We also feature dogs that have earned a Schutzhund or IPO title. These titles are indicative of the quality of the mind, temperament and drive present in our breeding dogs and that is has been proven on the training or show field. These are qualities that are generally reflected in their puppies. 

Additionally, we choose to import and use in our breeding program dogs whose hips and elbows have been rated Normal (the highest rating) or Fast Normal (the second highest rating). We also take into account the hip and elbow rating of the previous generations as well and focus on dogs who have a proven lineage of Normal or Fast Normal hips and elbows. 

We are often asked if our breeding males and females are available. If, during your visit or based on our website, you determine that one of our adults is the right fit for you, we are happy to discuss the purchase of one of our titled breeding adults. We are also happy to import a dog directly from Germany for you.

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