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Our Retired Dogs

Here you can meet the retired males and females who have been a part of von Waldberg. We love them all and are happy to share them with you.

Anja 2_edited
Anja w pups 1 day old

Anja is a special girl. We all think she is one of the most beautiful dogs we have ever seen, and she is soft and loves to cuddle. At eight it was time for her to retire and because we love her so much, she came home with Kate. Anja is now experiencing a second puppyhood. At almost nine she loves to race around the house and has learned that if she hits the rug just right, she can make it slide. She's adjusting to living with four other dogs and other than almost 13-year-old Elfi, everyone seems to like Anja. Of course, Elfi is the one Anja most wants to play with. Her favorite time is when she gets to lie on the bed with Josie and get snuggled. 



We all adored Kobe and he made us some beautiful babies, but some boys just aren't meant to be full time breeding males and Kobe was one of them. Fortunately, one of our volunteers fell in love with Kobe and now he is living an awesome life with a dad who adores him. He goes everywhere with his human, and we hear that Kobe is constantly being complimented as a handsome and well-behaved boy. Thank you for giving our boy a good home. We sometimes joke that he knew that was where he would end up and made the choice not to breed on purpose. 



If there is such a thing as the perfect female German Shepherd, it would be Tosca. Beautiful, smart, loving and IPO3. Tosca has been a part of Von Waldberg for many years, produced beautiful puppies and has been one of our most loved girls. It is with a lot of sadness that we retired her at the age of 8. But we are happy for her. She is going to live with one of her daughters on a beautiful ranch in Montana. She will have lots of room to play and run and will be living with one of her daughters. We will always love her and she will always be part of our family.


Josie bully stick
unja josie chiwa 2
Josie sleeping
Josie snow_edited

Josie is a very special dog. She can be a sweet cuddler one moment and a goofball the next. Her puppies share her silly nature and sweet face. After birthing many puppies (including a record litter of 11), Josie decided she would rather be a house dog. Since we love her so much, she came home to live with Zach and Kate. She now spends her days playing in the backyard with her buddies and when she gets a treat she has to walk around the whole house for at least 15 minutes before deciding where she should lie down and eat it. We love her and she is very happy in her new life as a retired momma.


Unja counter
Unja car
Unja car 2
josie unja 2
Unja bed

What a happy girl. Unja is a dog who is always smiling. After realizing that she was having just a little too much trouble losing the pregnancy weight (her nickname was "Fatty"), we decided it was time to let her retire. Now she is still at the kennel almost every day, but as a meet and greet girl whose grin and cuddles wins over clients on a daily basis. She loves her car rides except for when Josie takes up most of the back seat and sneaks as many cuddles in throughout the day as she can. She even gets to live at home with one of her puppies. And...she is slimming down with all the playtime in the yard!


JD retired 3_edited
JD retired 5
JD retired 2
JD retired 4

JD is a dog that we will never forget. When she arrived pregnant from Germany, she tumbled out of her crate (literally), shook herself off and was immediately comfortable. She produced several beautiful litters for us before it was her time to retire. Now JD lives with a wonderful family who own one of her daughters. They get along great and play together and JD is very happy to wrestle in the backyard or sunbathe on the deck. She is a dog that will always be very special to us, from the nick in her ear to her hoarse bark, but we couldn't be happier for her and her new family. All retired dogs should be this lucky and loved. 


V Hetty vom Heidknapp


hetty retired at home 2
hetty retired at home

Hetty is one of the most loving dogs you will ever meet. She has kind eyes, a happy smile and produced some of the best puppies we have seen. Unfortunately, age does play a role and after her last litter (delivered 1/1/19), she took a while to bounce back. That was enough to tell us that it was time. The good news: Hetty has had a home for the past two years. Greg and Kat adopted a Hetty pup named Greta and fell in love with Hetty so much that she has been spoken for since they met. Hetty will live out her days playing with her daughter and enjoying all the comforts of a beloved house dog. 


V Messi von der Ramhorst


Messi retired 2_edited
Messi retired_edited
Messi w ball_edited

Messi is and always will be our big bear headed boy. Over the time we had him, Messi proved to be one of the most loving, friendly and happy dogs we have ever met. He produced many puppies who carry on his goofy nature and huge heart. Now in retirement, Messi has found a family that loves him and spoils him. He has a sister named Chesty (an English Bulldog), a yard to play in and a running and hiking partner. He is adjusting well, little befuddled by stairs but also has learned how to put his feet up on the bathroom vanity to check out the handsome dog in the mirror. We love and miss you Messi but we know you are in a great home that will love you forever. 


Nokia aus der Brunnenstraße



There are not enough words to describe how loved Nokia is. She is our resident teddy bear because she is petite, fluffy and squeaks when you cuddle her. After several litters, it was time to let Nokia retire. As she is beloved by everyone at the kennel and most of the volunteers, and especially by our social media manager Sarah, Nokia will be staying at von Waldberg until the time comes that Sarah and Bryan move to a new home. So for all of Nokia's fans, she is retired but is so loved that she will be available for cuddles to all of you for the foreseeable future. 


Timea vom Osterberger-Land

Timea retired

Timea was an amazing momma. She produced one litter of exceptional puppies (who seemed to potty train themselves). When time came to have puppies again, Timea's body decided that wasn't in the cards. We are sad to have lost her from the kennel, but she is with a wonderful family who loves her. She has a big yard to play in, all the toys she could want and a sibling named Moss. She gave us a brief cuddle before settling right in with her new family. We will miss her sense of humor and the way she was always the first to greet you in the morning but we are so happy she found her happy ending. 


V Oinja vom Osterberger-Land

on her bed_edited
In the sun
Getting hugged_edited

As one of our older mommas, we knew that Oinja would be retiring. In Fall of 2018 we officially retired her and she spent months waiting for the right family. We (of course) would have kept her if we could. We love her sweet disposition, happy smile and very fluffy tail that was always wagging. Time passed and Oinja saw several females find homes before her, but we think it was for a reason. She may have waited the longest, but she now has one of the most loving and wonderful homes a dog could ever ask for. Oinja went home with one of our volunteers to live with their family. She has more love than she could ever hope for and they knew she was "the one" from the first meeting. It doesn't get better than that!


Luisa retired 3
Luisa retired
Luisa at home 2
Luisa at home 3
Luisa at home
Luisa 1

Letting Luisa retire was one of the hardest decisions we have had to make. She was and always will be, one of the best mommas Von Waldberg has ever had. She produced beautiful puppies and was a joy to be around. When circumstances necessitated that she be retired, Luisa was fortunately able to match with the perfect family. She now lives in West Seattle, goes for walks every day, sleeps curled up next to her new mom and has a little sister named Ellie. Luisa fell in love with her new family and they fell in love with her. She is a very special dog and we are so happy for her. She will be missed but she will spend the rest of her life with the perfect family. 


V Elfi zum Turmacker

elfi with toy
elfi in snow 2
Elfi 2
Elfi 1

Elfi is a truly special girl. As the largest female we had, she was unquestionably the alpha female while at the kennel. She produced some of the most wonderful puppies we have ever seen and at 9, it was time for her to retire and enjoy her life. With her size and training, finding the right home seemed difficult until we realized that we just loved her too much to let her leave, so she moved home with Kate & Zach and now spends her days roaming the backyard and curling up to sleep on a soft fluffy bed. She is very loved and does her "happy dance," bouncing on her front feet, every time she sees us. She will live out her days a beloved family member as all our dogs should.  


V1 Chiwa von der Freiheit Westerholt

Chiwa in snow
Chiwa on bed
5 dogs on bed
V1 Chiwa von der Freiheit Westerholt SCHH1

Chiwa is a one in a million dog. V1 and the sister of VA Chacco von der Freheit Westerholt, she spent many years as the top female at von Waldberg. The mother of Ursa, Uwe, Ursus and Anke, Chiwa has produced many beautiful puppies before her retirement. Now, living at home with Kate & Zach, Chiwa has become a happy house dog. She loves playing with her 3 siblings (especially her 1 year old brother Yuma who she wrestles) and spends every night curled up on the bed. In the morning she crawls over for cuddles before she will consider getting out of bed. She is a special girl who we just couldn't let go. 


V Injoy vom Zellwaldrand

Injoy and Rizzo

Injoy is a hard dog to describe. She will appear elegant and strong one moment and then pick up her Kong and look up at you as if to say "look what I found, isn't it great." She has given many people amazing puppies. In her retirement, Injoy is living with Frank and Beverly. Her life is now all about walks, cuddles and her smaller "big sister" Rizzo. She loves retirement and has decided that her new job is to protect her family. She follows her new mom and dad around the house, always making sure they know she's there. She will be missed but she has earned the right to be spoiled and loved for the rest of her life.

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