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Our Volunteers

When we set out to create our community, we knew we would meet a lot of wonderful people. We did not expect to have people ask to volunteer. 

Our crew of volunteers are amazing. Kids and adults both come and spend time with us and most importantly, with our dogs. Since we have had people start asking to volunteer, our dogs are getting more walks, playtime and cuddles than ever before and our puppies get extra love before they go home. We even are lucky enough to have a volunteer who is a critical care ER vet tech come by once a week to check on everyone. 

We want our volunteers to know that they are always appreciated and never expected. Their time is a gift to us and we are happy for every minute they spend with us. It often involves scooping poop and giving baths, but we have some younger volunteers who are interested in working in animal care and have been able to watch a puppy delivery and go with us to vet appointments! As always, the health and well being of our dogs comes first and volunteers near the mommas is on a case by case basis and is a privilege that is earned. 


Thank you so much to our current volunteers. To anyone interested in volunteering, we are happy to meet with you to see if volunteering here is a good fit. Please see the bottom of the page for additional details and requirements. 


Click here to email us about volunteer opportunities

Volunteering at Von Waldberg is evaluated on a case by case basis. Potential volunteers must have experience with large dogs, preferably German Shepherds and ideally own or have owned a Von Waldberg dog. Kids under 18 must have permission from their parents to participate. Volunteers will primarily be exercising and playing with the dogs and are expected to help clean up after them. Interactions with puppies and pregnant mommas is only allowed with explicit permission from a Von Waldberg staff member. Volunteering must be arranged in advance with a staff member. 


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