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Your Stories

Here you will find stories that we felt should be shared. We have also included a link to testimonials and emails from our clients. We hope you enjoy these stories as much as we do. Each and every puppy or dog we send home is a special one of a kind dog, but there are just a few stories that have a special something that we would like to share with you. 

If you have a story or anecdote you would like to share, we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to send your story to admin@vonwaldberg.com. 

Chi - the miracle puppy

Every so often there is one puppy that is just a bit smaller or weaker than the others who, despite any effort just does not thrive. Such was the case with one little girl born in Summer of 2017. At 4 days old she was taken the the emergency room and was given a less than 5% chance. Rather than give up on her, we made the decision to start treatment, fully expecting a call in the middle of the night. Chi made it through her first night and her second ER doctor fell in love with her. Dr. A.R. sent us updates and went in to visit and care for Chi on her days off. After a rocky couple days, Dr. A.R. found out that while Chi would not bottle feed, she would eat happily if a glove was filled with formula and a hole cut in the tip of a finger. Several days later at 9 days old, Chi was discharged into the care of Dr. A.R. and her boyfriend (Z) who asked to adopt her.

Dr. A.R. and Z nursed Chi through her first month, feeding her every two hours, helping her learn to potty, keeping her warm and safe. Because Chi had been in the ER, we could not risk putting her back with her mom and siblings in case she had been exposed to something. Every day was one stop closer to being able to say that Chi had pulled through. Now at 8 weeks old, Chi is happy, healthy and bigger than than her littermates. She found a family who love her and we are so happy to be able to say this story had a happy ending. 

Diesel & Sam

We hope that every puppy we send home is going to a forever home but we do understand that sometimes life circumstances create exceptions. Such was the case with the puppy now known as Diesel. 

At 8 weeks old, Diesel went home like every puppy - loved, wanted and an instant family member. As much as his family loved him, things happened that made it difficult for them to keep him and they decided to do what was right for Diesel and see about finding him a new home. 

When we learned of this, we offered to help and Diesel came back to the kennel. He was nervous and unsure of what had happened but quickly warmed up to everyone and became a favorite. After being with us a month, Sam and her dad came to visit, looking at another one of our dogs. One visit was all it took and they fell in love with Diesel and Diesel with them. 

Now Diesel is the best friend of Sam and is by her side every day. Diesel is devoted to his new family and is happy and enjoying going for walks, wrestling with Dad and taking naps on the bed with Sam.