Available Dogs

Adding a dog to your family is a big decision. Do you want a puppy or an adult? Is a male or a female a better fit? Do you prefer a normal or long stock coat? What personality best suits your lifestyle? At Von Waldberg, we are here to help you answer these questions and find the perfect dog for your family. We’ll walk you through your options and help you decide on specifics such as age, gender, and personality.

The Right Dog is Waiting for You

 At VWK we understand that there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ dog. For some people, a puppy might be ideal. Others may prefer a Young Adult with some training. If you are looking for specific bloodlines or training, an Imported Adult could be the answer. And if you want to give a good home to a very special dog, one of our Retired Adults could be a great fit. 

Here you can meet the young dogs we currently have available, learn more about the process of importing a dog, and get to know our retired breeding dogs. If you decide a puppy is the right fit, please visit our Puppies page to see what litters we have and are expecting.

Personalized Imports

If you have the ideal dog in mind, we can work with our contacts in Germany to find and import exactly what you want. Whether you want a one-year-old with beginning training or an adult with advanced training, we can find options and handle the import process for you.

Young Adults

 If you want a young dog, but not necessarily a puppy, we offer young adults with some foundational training. These dogs have great temperaments, good manners, and a basic introduction to obedience. They go home crate trained and ready to be a member of your family. With a young adult, you will also have a good idea of what they will look like when they are full grown and what their personality is.

Retired Dogs

We love all of our VWK dogs, but there comes a time that they retire and we look for amazing homes for them. These dogs can vary greatly in age but are sweet, trained and have earned a loving home. We are always excited when they join a new family but it is bittersweet to say goodbye. We typically have a general idea of who will be retiring and when, so if this is the right option for you, please reach out so we can talk about what options are available.


If, after looking at all your options, you think a puppy is the right fit, please visit our Puppy page to view current and upcoming litters.

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