Puppies FAQ

We send our puppies home at 8-10 weeks.

Reservations are filled in the order received. If you are first in line, you can choose from the available puppies of the gender you requested. You do not have to take a puppy from a litter unless you are confident in your choice.

We send all our puppies home with a starter kit (food, leash, collar, treats, and toys), a Puppy Guidebook we wrote to walk you through the first few weeks and answer common questions, a training package we have designed just for our puppies, and a first aid seminar taught by a vet tech. And any puppy or adult comes with a lifetime of support.

At 8-10 weeks, your puppy will not have formal training but will have been handled from birth, socialized, and desensitized. Your puppy will have foundational manners.

We guarantee our puppies against genetic hip dysplasia up to age 2. We also promise to be available to you to address any unforeseen issues or concerns.

We give a neo-parvo vaccine at weaning and a DHLPP-Canine Coronavirus at eight weeks. Our vaccinations are given on a timeline recommended by our veterinarian of record.

At the time of choosing, you may meet as many puppies as are available for you to choose from. We will provide video and updates before meeting the litter.

The best time to get a puppy is whenever it is best for you and your family or when you meet the perfect puppy. Puppies require a lot of time, commitment, and training, especially when young, so please be mindful of this when deciding when to take one home.

Our puppies start at $4500. Most are $5000-5500. Pricing is based on the pedigree and training level of the parents.

If your goal is an older puppy, we can customize a training program for the puppy of your choice that will include periodic lessons with our trainers so you can take part in your puppy’s training and determine when you are ready to take him or her home.

We do. We are always looking for qualified homes for our retired adults, we frequently have young adults available, and we can import a dog directly from Germany for you. Learn more about our personalized imports here.

Sometimes. We will periodically keep a puppy that shows exceptional promise and start foundational training.

It depends on how many litters we have, how many puppies are born, and the demand for male or female puppies. It can be as short as a few weeks or as long as 6+ months. We encourage you to reach out to us 3-4 months before the date you would like to take home your puppy.

Yes. Your puppy’s litter will go for a wellness exam. We will provide a copy of the chart notes from the clinic.