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If you have been searching the internet for Dog training near me, you’ve came to the right spot! At VWK, we offer a variety of training options to help you achieve your goals. Whether you need advice on a specific issue in a private training session or need help to maximize your dog’s potential in our group obedience courses, our team is here to guide you every step of the way. We know every dog and handler team progresses at different speeds. We have developed a variety of different training programs, all designed with your dog’s success in mind. Our professional dog trainers will help you bring out the best in your dogs obedience. 

Our Training Philosophy

We practice a balanced and comprehensive approach to training and communicating with our dogs, mimicking the way they would communicate with each other. This approach leads to consistent results, the ability to work through rough spots, and the happy, healthy, loving relationships all dogs and owners want.

obedience dog training snohomish


If you watch dogs communicate with each other, they use a combination of positive and negative feedback, coupled with tone of voice and body language. Balance does not mean a 50/50 split of reward and correction. The vast majority of your dog’s feedback will be positive. But no species can flourish under a purely positive system. We teach appropriate rewards, how to establish boundaries, and how to deliver an appropriate correction when needed.


Training is not only having a dog that will obey a command. Training includes manners (at home and in public), appropriate social behavior, confidence, consistency, a solid and trusting relationship between owner and dog, and building the dog’s desire to work for and please their owner. These elements will foster a relationship where your dog will want to obey because doing so enhances your relationship.


Our training program will give you the skills to communicate with your dog in the language they understand. The ability to communicate is essential, but dogs will never learn to speak to humans. Humans can learn to speak to dogs. You can use your voice and body language to emulate a happy, excited dog. You can also use those same tools to be the leader in your relationship and teach your dog what is and is not acceptable behavior.


Training is a lifelong endeavor. You will be successful if you take the skills and tools we teach you and apply them to every interaction between you and your dog. This does not mean you have to practice what we teach 24/7. Rather, we will help you turn training into a habit or reflex. Once you and your dog become partners, consistency will naturally follow.

Our Training Mission Statement

Building a stronger bond with each sit, stay, and play.

Group dog obedience training snohomish

Our Obedience Classes

A 5-week rotating class open to puppies of all breeds under 6 months focused on early fundamental puppy obedience training. Each class will include puppy socialization and appropriate group interactions, a specific topic, and time for questions. $200/5 weeks or included with the purchase of a puppy. Puppy training may start at any time, classes are not sequential. This is the best age to start puppy training! Some topics covered during these sessions are:

  • How to socialize a puppy
  • Create good puppy manners
  • What are the best dog training collars and dog training equipment
  • House training puppies
  • How to crate train a dog
  • What are the best dog training treats
  • Potty training a puppy
  • Identifying puppy behaviors to build confidence

$200 / 5 Weeks

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Open to all breed puppies who have graduated puppy preschool or are over 16 weeks old. This 10 week basic dog obedience training class is designed to build handler skills and knowledge while teaching puppies the building blocks of obedience dog training. Besides basic obedience, we will focus on puppy manners and appropriate dog and human interaction. There will be an exam at the end of this course to pass. Some topics during this 10 week course will include:

  • What is dog obedience training
  • Learning appropriate commands
  • When to use or not use commands
  • Best dog training treats
  • Creating a puppy training schedule
  • How to train your puppy at home
  • Dog training basics

$350 / 10 Weeks

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Open to puppies and dogs looking to improve on their dog obedience training. To enroll in this dog training course, dogs must be at least 6 months old, graduated from beginner dog training or have been approved by our dog trainers. Dogs training in this obedience course will build on the skills taught in our basic obedience course (101) with an emphasis on precision. Puppies will also learn how to be neutral around other dogs, and handlers will learn techniques to use when puppies test boundaries. There will be an exam to pass this dog obedience 201 course. Additional topics covered:

  • Building upon the foundation of dog training already established
  • Using hand signals and gestures
  • Advanced dog training collars and equipment
  • Reworking/rethinking your dog training schedule
  • Play drive vs prey drive

$350 / 10 Weeks

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Open to all dog breeds who have graduated from our Dog Obedience 201 course or are older than 9 months and have approval from our dog trainers. Dog obedience 301 course introduces off leash dog training and long-distance obedience. Dogs will begin to work through distractions while on a leash. To pass this course there will be an exam at the end. Additional items leaned in this dog obedience course are:

  • Training your dog to have manners while in public
  • Knowing the timing of when to give commands
  • Understanding concepts in advanced obedience training
  • Tying multiple obedience skills into one fluid routine 

$350 / 10 Weeks

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Our Hobby and Sports Classes

obedience dog training snohomish


Join our agility classes with world champion trainer Barbara! Having represented the United States in global competitions, Barbara brings her expertise to you. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, Barbara will guide you and your dog in mastering agility skills. Whether you aim to compete in trials or simply want to boast about your dog’s agility prowess, these classes are perfect for dogs of all sizes!

obedience dog training snohomish

Competition Dog Obedience

As a handler, you will learn to direct your dog through a series of highly stylized behaviors that demonstrate control, accuracy, and precision.

obedience dog training snohomish

Remote Training

Open to dogs 9 months and older who have completed Obedience 201 or with instructor approval. Requires purchase of Instructor approved e-collar.

obedience dog training snohomish

Canine Good Citizen

Open to all breeds over 6 months. Teaches the skills necessary for your dog to be certified as a CGC. Does not include actual certification.

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Looking for a Board and Train near you?

We offer custom board and train programs for all breeds. Whether you want a board and train for a puppy to jump start fundamental basic obedience or you want a board and train for a dog that you have done extensive training with and we are continuing that stimulation for you.  Our professional dog trainer will evaluate your dog and speak with you about your goals and expectations. During the Board and Train, your dog will be worked with daily, and at pick up, a private one-hour lesson is included.

  • We recommend a minimum of one week. Shorter Board and Trains are available to dogs currently enrolled in class
  • Open to all breeds and ages
  • Your dog will be worked several times each day and handled by different members of our staff
  • A bath and nail trim is included
  • For Board & Trains over 3 weeks, a private training session is included for each week over 2.
  • These can take place during your dog’s stay or after as a follow-up.
  • $150/night
obedience dog training snohomish
obedience dog training

Private Dog Training

If a one-on-one session is best for your schedule and goals, we offer private lessons. In-home and virtual sessions are available on a case-by-case basis. Sessions are determined by what your wants/needs are, but can often cover

  • Basic Obedience Dog Training
  • Advanced Obedience
  • Reactivity issues
  • Dog manners
  • Off-leash work
  • Specific actions you are wanting corrected
  • Catch up in obedience to join a future group course


Minimum of 1 hour

Enrichment Seminars

Once a month, we offer a First Aid/Dog Health seminar led by an ER vet tech with 20+ years of experience. We cover basic first aid, what is and is not an emergency, training tips to make any trip to the vet more comfortable, and season-specific hazards. $150/3 hour seminar.


3 hour seminar

dog training seminar

Our Snohomish Training Facility

Rain or shine, day or night, we have one of the best training facilities in the Pacific Northwest. Our 7,200 SF training facility can handle everything from large puppy classes to nighttime off-leash recall work, all while keeping you and your dog nice and dry. Our dedicated indoor training facility is one of the largest in the state. It is heated, well lit and equipped with full rubber floor mats to protect your dog’s paws and joints while training and exercising.

We also have agility equipment, raised dog beds, wall tie-offs, and so much more. When the weather is nice enough for outside training, we have a wide-open 100’ x 150’ training field that has professional stadium lighting. This field is great for group classes, long-leash training, off-leash work, and private training. We have a designated outdoor obstacle course complete with custom A-Frame, ramps, jumps, window frames, and so many great training tools. Regardless of the weather, or your dog’s needs, we have the training facility to make your dog’s training experience great.

Our dog training facility is conveniently located right off of the 522 freeway. Making it a short commute for people living in, Maltby, Monroe, Woodinville, Kirkland, Redmond, Snohomish, Everett, Lake Stevens, Duvall, Bothell, Kenmore, Mill Creek, Alderwood, Bellevue, Seattle. Covering most of King County and Snohomish County.

Dog Training Snohomish

Equipment We Use

We believe most dog training equipment designed for dogs can be extremely beneficial when used appropriately. As you and your dog progress, we will introduce the best dog training tools and equipment designed specifically for your dogs training successes. Such as slip leads, flat collars, long lines, e-collars, pinch collars and more. We introduce these tools at the appropriate time for each dog and handler, our expert dog training staff is trained to use these tools and we will teach you how to use them properly. When used incorrectly, these items can be detrimental to the success of your dog, but you will leave our training program with an understanding of not only how to use a tool, but why.

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Pawsome Progress Ahead