Our Young Adults

If you are interested in adding a VWK Shepherd to your family, but would prefer not to bring a puppy home, we routinely keep promising pups from our litters and raise them here until they find their forever home. We also occasionally import exceptional young dogs from Germany. Our young adults range in age from a few months to a few years, have been started in their training and are ready to become a member of your family.


Kronk came back to us when circumstances made it impossible for his family to keep him. He is a large, goofy, and very affectionate boy. From Enni and Iron, Kronk got his momma’s sweet personality and playfulness. He got his daddy’s impressive structure and love for cuddling. If you are sitting, he will lean up against you and beg for scratches.

Kronk is the kind of dog who will want to be by your side every moment that he can. Kronk has foundational basic obedience and good manners. He is responsive to his handler and wants to please. He is well mannered around other dogs and very well socialized with people. 

Whoever takes him home will have a best friend and protector. 


Mika is a petite, bright, active female. She came back to us when her human’s health concerns made it difficult for her family to keep her. Her mom is one of our best females and Mookie was part of the litter sired by V1 Alf vom Kalifels, one of the best sires we have seen puppies from. 

Mika has good foundational obedience and continues to receive training since she came back to us. She is extremely smart, can be strong willed but is also very affectionate. 

She will do best in a single dog household with someone looking for a fun, active companion. She would benefit from either an experienced owner or someone willing to continue her training. She’s looking for a forever partner who can give her the time and attention to help her reach her potential. 

Fur-ever Yours