V Iron vom Zschaitzer Land

Training Titles

IGP 3, Körung


26 February 2019

SV Registration #

SZ 2352645



HD Breed Value


Microchip #


Iron took a while to warm up to us when he arrived, but once he did, he proved to be one of the sweetest dogs we have. He loves to play, especially with his large jolly balls and he will sit and snuggle, sometimes even climbing onto your lap. We imported him as our top male and he lives up to that role. When people see him, the word we most often hear is “stunning.”

He has a kind face and sweet expression and is very smart. He has a strong build with a masculine head and has become the favorite of several of our team after only being here a short while. His coat has a lot of gold and he shines in the sun, but what we love most about him is the small white spot right over his heart. Many of his puppies have just a tiny bit of white on their toes or chest. Not only does he pass on his good looks, but his puppies are confident, affectionate and smart.

Luke, I am your paw-ther!