Dog Boarding FAQs

Hopefully, you will find answers to all of your questions here. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

We require up-to-date proof of veterinary-administered Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella prior to your boarding. Vaccines administered at home are not accepted. Vaccines are required to be administered 2 weeks prior to your appointment. You can upload proof of vaccinations in our app, email us at, or bring it to us prior to your dog’s appointment.

Unfortunately, we require vaccinations to protect our other boarders and our kennel dogs and puppies. You may not board with us if you do not provide proof your dog is current on the required vaccines.

Of course. We know there are a lot of facilities that do not allow intact dogs over 6-12 months of age. Because we are also a breeding kennel, we have experience with intact dogs and are comfortable handling them and keeping them separated from other dogs.

Absolutely. We know that managing an in-heat female requires careful attention to detail. We will ensure your girl is kept safe, clean, and away from any males.

Our standard rate of boarding is $65 per night per dog. Included in this price is feeding your dog its own food, daily cleaning, water, and a basic bath and nail trim. Optional paid add-ons include off-leash playtime, long walks, feeding our kibble, administering medications, and more.

Our day starts at 8 AM with breakfast and cleaning. During the day, we take the dogs for their walks and playtime. We do another clean and water fill before dinner. After dinner, we check on all the dogs one last time and tuck them in for bed. There is a staff member on-site overnight at all times.

We are certified in Professional Pet Boarding Infectious Disease Management. We believe cleanliness is essential when running a safe, successful boarding program. When a dog is in residence, we clean twice a day and use an animal safe disinfectant to clean all common areas daily. We also pressure wash and steam clean. ​Our cleaning and disinfecting program has been developed with the advice of our vet of record.

Yes! A basic bath and nail trim are included with all boarding reservations and are performed on the day of pick-up. If your dog is shedding or requires additional brushing, we have add-ons for a full-service grooming appointment that includes shampoo, conditioner, blow-out, brush out, optional matt removal, nail trim, and coat conditioning spray.

Only VWK staff members interact with boarders. Your pup will be cared for exclusively by our staff, all of whom love dogs and have been thoroughly vetted and trained.​

Yes. If you are interested in a Board & Train, one of our trainers will work on specific goals for you and your dog. Please note we do not recommend a board and train for any stay under a week. ​If you are interested in adding training, please email us at

We are licensed and inspected by the USDA and Snohomish County Animal Control. We have at least one annual inspection, and we have always passed with flying colors. We are members of the International Boarding & Pet Services Association and accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

We primarily serve King and Snohomish County but have boarders who come from all over Washington state.​ We are conveniently located at the intersection of Paradise Lake Road and 522, just outside of Woodinville.

We request you book through our app, or reservations can be made by contacting us at

We accept cash, checks, and credit/debit cards. We have a 3% fee for all card transactions. You can use your card in person or save your information and pay through the app.

Yes. You are always welcome to message us through the app to check-in. Our team will often take cute photos of your dog and send them to you.

Yes. We have a fully enclosed boarding area that is heated during the winter and kept cool and ventilated during the summer. We will make sure your dog is comfortable year-round.

You can provide us with medication and care instructions, and we will ensure they are followed. ​We are comfortable and experienced with oral and topical medications. Any other medication, including injectables, is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

We care for your dog like they are our own. We have two excellent vet clinics we work with and are only 15 minutes from the nearest emergency clinic. If we feel your dog needs medical attention, we will always call you first unless we feel the situation warrants immediate care. ​You will always be notified if we have a concern.

No. Because we specialize in German Shepherds, we are comfortable with all breeds, including those typically labeled as “aggressive.” Our only restrictions are that we do not allow dogs with a history of aggressive behavior towards humans or dogs who are known fence climbers.

Please bring your dog with its leash, collar, food (bagged as individual meals), and any medications. If your dog requires a slow feed bowl, please bring it. You are welcome to bring treats in moderation. Please do not bring beds and toys. Your dog will be provided with an elevated dog bed. We do not allow toys in the runs unsupervised, and we have lots of toys available if you would like to sign your dog up for playtime.

Yes. We routinely board senior dogs. However, we need you to understand that things can happen unexpectedly with senior dogs. We will care for them like our own and be in contact with you if we see anything concerning.

We do not allow free play. If you have two dogs from the same household, we are happy to let them play together. But in the interest of safety, we do not allow dogs who are strangers to interact.

A VWK staff member lives on-site. After hours, we will do periodic checks until bedtime. Our facility is locked and secured, so your dog will be safe. We also have state-of-the-art cameras throughout our property and facility monitoring for movement day and night.

If you want your two dogs to share a run, we will evaluate the situation on a case-by-case basis. Our requirement is that your dogs be able to eat unsupervised side by side with no issues.

Staff are constantly walking through the boarding area and interacting with each dog. During our multiple cleaning & water fills, we take the time to play with each dog as well. If you want more dedicated one-on-one time for your dog, you can request private walks and playtime.

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