Retired Dogs

We love all of our VWK dogs, but there comes a time that they retire and we look for amazing homes for them. These dogs can vary greatly in age but are sweet, trained and have earned a loving home.

V Henrike vom Osterberger-land

Henrike is one of the prettiest and most regal females we have ever seen. She can be a bit aloof at first, but once she gets to know you, she is sweet and affectionate. At eight, she is one of our older females and is looking for a forever home with a family that will love and spoil her. She is not super playful, but she does enjoy being cuddled. She would do best with an experienced owner in a one dog home. 

V Lea von der Burg Königstein

Lea might be one of the prettiest dogs we have ever imported. She arrived late fall of 2022 and was instantly comfortable, wagging her tail and greeting everyone she met with kisses. Lea has a petite build with delicate and feminine bone structure and some of the richest red we have ever seen on a dog. With her dark face, she is a true beauty and while she might be dainty, she has a big personality and loves to play.

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obedience dog training snohomish

V Dunja vom Römerhain

Dunja is a confident, outgoing female. She is beautiful with strong bone structure and she is always alert and aware of her surroundings. She likes to play with the hose, any toy that squeaks and will want to sleep on the bed with her people. Dunja gave us many wonderful puppies over the years and is now looking to find a family. She is strong willed and will do well with a confident handler who can give her love, affection and structure.

Cricket von Waldberg

After six years as our kennel mascot, we have decided that Cricket deserves to find a forever home with a family that will adore her as much as we do. Cricket is adorable with giant ears and was born with a broken tail that is short and stubby and always wagging. She is still a puppy at heart and she will need a home with a family who is committed to continuing her training. We love her dearly, but she deserves to be a spoiled family member for the rest of her life.

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Searching for a Fur-ever Family