Our German Shepherd Puppies

What makes a VWK puppy special? Perhaps it’s that most every puppy has two V rated parents who have earned IPO or Schutzhund titles? Or that we raise them to be confident, outgoing and good with people so they go home prepared to be a member of your family? Or could it just be that we put great care into every litter we produce? We believe it is all of the above.

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Your Puppy is waiting for you

When the day comes to take your puppy home, they will crawl into your arms knowing they have found their forever home and you will go home with peace of mind knowing you have an amazing puppy with a lifetime full of support.

german shepherd puppies

Is now the right time to bring a puppy home?

Before adding a puppy to your family, there are three questions we ask potential clients to consider

  1. Is it the right time to add a dog to your family? Only you can answer this.
  2. Is a German Shepherd the right breed for my family? At your initial consultation or on your first phone call, we are happy to share with you what it’s like to own a German Shepherd. The good, the bad and the hairy. We will tell you honestly what it is like to have a smart, motivated and sometimes mischievous dog. If you have children or other pets, we can talk about what is involved in integrating a German Shepherd into your life. 
  3. Is VWK where I want my puppy to come from? After you decide that you do want a German Shepherd, we are happy to explain what sets us apart from other breeders. We breed for confident, outgoing, healthy and well-rounded dogs. During your visit or call, you can meet our breeding dogs and see for yourself what we believe makes a Von Waldberg shepherd special.



german shepherd puppies
GSD puppy

What can I expect after I take my puppy home?

At Von Waldberg we believe in lifetime support. Your relationship with us does not end when you load your puppy into the car and drive home. 

We want to set you up for success and include the following with each puppy 

  • Some training classes to get you started
  • A go home starter kit with food, leash, collar, treats and toys
  • A copy of the VW Puppy Guidebook to walk you through what to expect and answer common questions
  • Access to our First Aid and Dog Health seminar and a Pet First Aid Kit
  • Access to our boarding so you have a safe place for your dog when you need to travel
  • And most importantly, you get the VWK community. We are here to answer your questions, share in your successes and help you over any bumps in the road. 

We want our puppies to be successful. When you take your dog for a walk, we want you to have a beautiful, happy, confident, well-trained dog you are proud of. Let us know what we can do to help get you there.

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