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Every organization needs a mascot or spokesperson, ours is Cricket. 

Born to Anja and Faiko, Cricket is in many ways the perfect German Shepherd. She is smart, loyal, loving and courageous. She has her mother's eyes and kindness and her father's curiosity. But in one way, she is a little different than most. Cricket was born with a kink in her tail. An examination by the vet showed that while she is a perfectly healthy little girl, she likely had her tail bent during the birthing process or was tucked up in the womb in such a way that her tail did not have the room to grow properly. While we found her tail to be endearing and adorable, we knew that she did not conform to the ideal standards for a German Shepherd. 

Her outgoing personality and tendency to look at you and tip her head as if to say "yep, I am listening" won us over and we just kept delaying finding her a home. Finally, we all realized that she had become a member of our family. Thus, the decision was made to keep her at von Waldberg. She has her own special home right outside the reception room with a custom cedar doghouse so she will be the first dog most visitors get to meet. 

After deciding that she would live with us, we knew that we needed to find her a name. She had earned the nickname Kinky Tail as a baby, but we wanted something that would match her personality. Since she had a crick in her tail and was cute as a bug, the name Cricket just fit. 

We invite you to scroll through her photos and come and meet her.

You can follow the kennel on Facebook and Instagram below but you can also follow me on my own Instagram page!!! Click on the black Instagram icon to see more cute pictures of me!

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