Kira vom Greifswalder Stadtrand

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20 April 2016
SV Registration #
SZ 2324831
HD / ED: Normal
HD Breeding Value: 71

Kira arrived safe and sound December of 2018. Since then she has won us over with her playful personality and beautiful face. Kira is a larger female and has strong features with a very dark face. Her coat is on the longer side and so silky and smooth that you just want to keep petting her. She has a commanding bark that we don't hear all that often but when we do it is strong and demands attention. Her puppies share her playful nature and are just as beautiful as she is. She is an excellent mom with a huge heart.

Kira took her time deciding we were her new family, which can be very normal for a German import. She is naturally curious and before she decided we were cuddle partners she would peek through her dog door or jump up and look over the wall of the whelping box. She trained us pretty quikly to provide treats whenever she was paying attention to us. Once she decided we were her friends she has turned into a snuggler. She will bury her head in your lap or under your arm and then press up against you. She is especially fond of scratches right above her tail and will back up into you and then turn and look as if to say "well, you know what to do." We also love her independent spirit because she is comfortable being on her own and she will decide when she has had enough cuddles. She also loves to sit on your lap.


Below her pedigree are photos of her puppies.


V19 BSZS 2015 Nex vom Osterberger-Tal IP


V19 BSZS 2015 Nex vom Osterberger-Tal

IPO3 & kkl Passed

HD: Normal & ED: Normal

V Afra von der Kwast IPO1.jpg


V Afra von der Kwast 


HD: Normal & ED: Normal

SG 9 BSZS V1 Aslan vom T.jpg

Paternal Grand Sire

SG 9 BSZS V1 Aslan vom Türkenkopf

SchH1, IPO3 & kkl1

HD:  Fast Normal & ED: Normal

BSZS SG16_SG1 Anka vom Osterberger-Tal S

Paternal Grand Dam

BSZS SG16/SG1 Anka vom Osterberger-Tal 

SchH1 & kkl1

HD: Normal & ED: Normal


VA (BSZS + B + I) Paer vom Hasenborn SCH

Great Grand Sire

VA (BSZS + B + I) Paer vom Hasenborn

SchH3, FH1 & kkl1

HD: Normal & ED: Normal

V Enya vom Steinernen Weg SCHH1.jpg

Great Grand Dam

V Enya vom Steinernen Weg

SchH1 & kkl1

HD: Normal & ED: Not Known

VA3 Negus vom Holtk.jpg

Great Grand Sire

VA3 Negus vom Holtkämper See

SchH3 & kkl1

HD: Normal & ED: Normal

V1 Qenni vom Osterberger-Land SCHH3.jpg

Great Grand Dam

V1 Qenni vom Osterberger-Land 

SchH3 & kkl1

HD: Normal& ED: Normal

V Jello vom Kuckucksland VPG 3.jpg

Maternal Grand Sire

V Jello vom Kuckucksland

SchH2, IPO3 & kkl1

HD: Normal & ED: Normal

V Panda vom Ochsentor SCHH1.jpg

Maternal Grand Dam

V Panda vom Ochsentor 

SchH1 & kkl1

HD: Normal & ED: Normal

2x VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag SCHH3, IPO

Great Grand Sire

2x VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag

SchH3, IPO3 & kkl1

HD:  Normal & ED: Fast Normal


V Betty vom Kuckucksland Schh1.jpg

Great Grand Dam

V Betty vom Kuckucksland

SchH1 & kkl1

HD: Normal & ED: Normal

V Rio vom Ochsentor SCHH 3.jpg

Great Grand Sire

V Rio vom Ochsentor

SchH3 & kkl1

HD: Normal & ED: Not Known

V Ultri vom Ochsentor SCHH1.jpg

Great Grand Dam

V Ultri vom Ochsentor 

SchH1 & kkl1

HD: Normal & ED: Normal


Kira's Puppies

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