V2 Lillly von der Freiheit Westerholt

Training Titles

IPO1, Körung, V


6 June 2019

SV Registration #

SZ 2355294



Microchip #


We had been watching Lillly for almost a year before we imported her and she was worth the wait! And yes… her name is spelled with three “Ls.” She is our top breeding female. Lillly is good-sized, with strong bone structure and a feminine face. She has rich color and the moment we opened the crate she walked out confident, with her tail wagging. We all fell in love with her instantly. She has great structure, confidence and is loving and outgoing. Because Lillly is independent and confident, her puppies are as well. While all our puppies are fantastic, Lillly’s pups just have that little something extra. Within a week of arriving, it was already decided who she goes home with when she retires. Hopefully not for many years to come.

Time for a manicure and paw-dicure