V Quaba vom Zellwaldrand

Training Titles

IGP1, Körung


26 November 2019

SV Registration #

SZ 2360922



HD Breed Value


Microchip #


Our entire team was excited when we confirmed that we were adding Quaba to our breeding program. She has one of the darkest face we have ever brought into our kennel for a female, except for the silver on her chin. She has beautiful, feminine features, strong bone structure and a winning personality. Quaba came out of her crate with a happy tail and sweet temperament. She loves to snuggle and will bury her head in your lap asking for more. With strong VA ancestry, Quaba is smart, outgoing and has the perfect amount of drive. When she sees you coming she will jump up to say hi and then sit and wait for you to pet her. 

Time for a manicure and paw-dicure