V Idol von der Burg Königstein

Training Titles

IPO 1, Körung


6 May 2016

SV Registration #

SZ 2325416



HD Breed Value


Microchip #


Idol won everyone over from the moment he arrived. With strong VA ancestry that includes 2X VA1(CN) Dux de Intercanina, VA Yankee vom Feuermelder, VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag and VA1 Zamp vom Thermodos, and as the son of VA5 Watson vom Thermodos, he is a stunning addition to our breeding program. But it is his playful and charming personality that made us love him. He is sweet, well behaved and always happy with just enough attitude to live up to his nickname: Billy Idol.

In addition to being a loveable boy, Idol is gorgeous. His color is rich and he has a clear black saddle that makes him stand out among all our dogs. His bones are strong and masculine, but there is a softness to his eyes that wins you over. He has proven himself and produces wonderful puppies with his playful personality and good looks. We love him and are grateful he found his way to us.

Luke, I am your paw-ther!