Our Team

At von Waldberg we offer you a ready made and welcoming community of fellow German Shepherd fans. While we each play our own roles, we work together as a team and you are welcome to reach out to each and every one of us if you need anything. Whether an owner, staff member or volunteer, we all care about these dogs and want to make sure you have the support friendship you want, Here you will learn just a little more about who we are and how we ended up a part of von Waldberg. 

For nearly 50 years, Phil has been the heart and soul behind the von Waldberg German Shepherd. Starting with one dog, Phil built von Waldberg into the finest German Shepherd Kennel in the Pacific Northwest featuring top German bloodlines. In 1993 he trained and campaigned the Canadian Sieger and Siegerin. In 1995 he again trained and campaigned the Canadian Sieger. 

Phil has bred and trained multiple high V placing males and females and has trained hundreds of individuals in German Shows, the sport of Schutzhund and to have their own well trained companions. He has earned multiple Von Stephanitz awards for the highest V rated Schutzhund titled German Shepherds. His training methods have been developed over 51 years and are relationship based. Phil knows the key to a well trained dog is an equally well trained owner. 

In 2017, Phil retired from the day to day responsibilities and now serves as a consultant and mentor to the new generation of von Waldberg German Shepherd enthusiasts. He is actively involved in the importing and breeding of our current line and his expertise is second to none.

In his spare time, Phil is a Pastor who is enjoying retirement with his family. His compassion for people and dogs alike is what von Waldberg is built on. 


Kate has known Phil and his family for over 20 years and in that time has owned 8 German Shepherds from von Waldberg. In February of 2017, she came back to von Waldberg after saying goodbye to a very special dog named Beau. While the visit was intended to pick up a puppy, a conversation started with Phil about the prospect of stepping in as the owner when he retired. After weighing the options, the decision was made and in Summer of 2017, Kate was lucky enough to have the option to turn her passion for German Shepherds into her career. 

With a background in customer service and law, Kate is focused on making sure that we deliver not only incredible dogs and puppies, but an incredible experience as well. Trained by Phil, she also believes in building a relationship with your dog based on mutual respect and love.

With Phil as a mentor, the von Waldberg family was expanded. Kate and her family believe that German Shepherds are special, but that the von Waldberg dogs are exceptional. As more people have become part of the team here at von Waldberg, we have made it our mission to carry on and do justice to the legacy built by Phil and his family. 


Zach is a German Shepherd Enthusiast and heads up our training program. He helps oversee the day to day operations of the Kennel and works with Frank to manage the group and private training classes. He also provides most of our in home and behavioral support.

When not managing the operations of the kennel or working with customers, Zach can be found on the training field with his 4 year old Yuma. In addition to Yuma, he and Kate have 5 more females at home - Elli, Chiwa, Elfi, Josie and Unja. 

Trained by Phil, Zach also believes in a relationship oriented approach to training. He works with Phil with the goal of showing and titling Yuma. When not surrounded by dogs at the kennel, he can be found surrounded by research into the history of the German Shepherd and current best practices. 



Bryan came to von Waldberg initially as our facility manager when he and his fiancée Sarah moved in to help maintain the property and care for the dogs. Within a short time he realized that he loved the dogs and soon became the proud dad of Nokia/Faiko puppy named Leroy.

We invited Bryan to be part of our team when we realized his love for the dogs and dedication to building a community would be a great asset to us and our clients. Bryan is the first to step up when there is something that needs to be done and his commitment to ensuring every one of our puppies goes to a loving forever home makes him an ideal member of our puppy adoption team. 

In addition to helping puppies go home to their families, Bryan has designed managed the building of the renovations we have done. This includes the new kennels and shelters for the dogs, making sure everyone has heaters and our expanded, enclosed and heated boarding area. We are lucky to have him and he always puts the well being of the dogs first.



Frank has been a member of the Von Waldberg family for many years. After a career that spanned everything from law enforcement to coaching tennis, he was ready for retirement. 

Fortunately for us, Frank likes to stay busy. He started by volunteering to help with our training classes and teaching agility to those who were interested. He and his dog Teddy are agility fans and he was spending several days a week here working with clients and our dogs. 

In 2020 we were able to coax Frank out of retirement and he became an official staff member. He and Zach work as a team to run our training program and he can always be counted on to step up and lend a hand. 



Sarah became part of the von Waldberg family when she and her fiancée Bryan moved into the home at the kennel to help care for the dogs and in doing so realized her dream of living on a "dog farm." Soon after, she welcomed Leroy (a 6 month old Nokia/Faiko puppy) to their family of Bentley (a 6 year old yellow lab) and Winston (a 5 year old corgi). 

Working in social media, Sarah has taken the von Waldberg accounts under her wing. With the help of some of our great volunteers, Sarah is developing and building our social media presence. Sarah is an amazing part of our team and we appreciate everything she does and all the love she shows our dogs.