At von Waldberg we offer a variety of training options to meet your needs. Whether you need advice on one issue, or you want to help take your dog to their full potential, we are here to help you and your dog meet your goals and have fun in the process.

Our puppies do come with four complimentary puppy classes. We find this is a great way to socialize your pup and have a check in the first few months with your new puppy. If you enjoy our puppy classes, you are welcome to continue attending puppy classes or sign up for our obedience classes which are designed for you to move at the pace that is best for you and your dog. 


Our training schedule and class descriptions can also be found below. If you would like to attend a class, please RSVP via email no later than the day before class is scheduled.


Thank you and we will see you on the training field. 

We will be expanding to offer the below classes starting October 3rd. Registration for our new classes is now available but please email Glen through the link below to determine what class you should register for. You can still register for Puppy, Obedience or Agility Class through the link below. Thanks and happy training. 

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Puppy Classes


This class is designed for puppies under 4 months old. You will learn an introduction to treat luring and shaping your puppy's behavior to lay a strong foundation.


This class is designed for puppies under 8 months old. This class will teach you to adapt the treat luring and behavior shaping to obedience oriented tasks. 


This class is designed for puppies over 8 months old. You will begin an introduction to multi task obedience and introduce multiple methods of communicating with your dog.

Obedience Classes


This class is designed for graduates of Advanced Puppy Class or Intermediate Puppy. This class will focus on taking the foundation laid in Puppy Classes to real world applications and more focused obedience. 


This class is designed for graduates of Obedience 1. This class introduces off leash work and advanced concepts in motivation, engagement and recall skills. 


This class is designed for graduates of Intermediate Obedience. This class will focus on off leash work with the goal of preparing you and our dog for competition level obedience. 

Agility Class


This class is open to dogs one year of age or older who are currently enrolled in or a graduate of Obedience 1. This class is an introduction to the sport of agility. 

Behavior Modification/In Home Training

We offer private in home training and behavior modification for dogs that are dealing with dog or human reactivity, fear, or resource guarding.


Many dogs who require this type of training come from shelters or rescues. We offer this service for people whose dogs need assistance with behaviors that cannot be replicated in a group obedience class.  

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