At von Waldberg we offer a variety of training options to meet your needs. Whether you need advice on one issue, or you want to help take your dog to their full potential, we are here to help you and your dog meet your goals and have fun in the process.

Our puppies do come with four complimentary puppy classes. We find this is a great way to socialize your pup and have a check in the first few months with your new puppy. If you enjoy our puppy classes, you are welcome to continue attending puppy class or sign up for our obedience classes which are designed for you to move at the pace that is best for you and your dog. 

Please email us with your training requests and needs directly at or through the contact form below. We are happy to customize our services to meet your needs.


Our training schedule and class descriptions can also be found below. If you would like to attend a class, please RSVP via email no later than the day before class is scheduled.


Thank you and we will see you on the training field. 

Puppy Class: These are the classes that are included with the purchase of your puppy. If you enjoy puppy class you are welcome to purchase additional classes and can attend any puppy class that is convenient for your schedule.

  • Focus: Socialization, fun and an introduction to our training methods

  • Goals: We hope that by the time you graduate puppy class you will have a solid foundation in what we consider the "Core 6 Commands" - sit, down, heel, stay, come and focus.


Our Obedience and Agility Classes will challenge you and your dog in a fun and engaging atmosphere. You and your dog will focus on precision, on and off leash work and working through distractions.

Our Motto: You have 2 legs, your dog has 4. If you aren't breaking a sweat, you aren't working hard enough. 

Obedience Class

This class will take what you have mastered in puppy class and work towards perfecting your skills.

  • Focus: Continued socialization and refinement of the Core 6 Commands. Introduction of drive building and learning what motivates your dog. Learning how to appropriately reward and correct your dog. Work on the agility coursewill be incorporated at times.

  • Goals: You should be able to combine multiple commands and have your dog perform the Core 6 correctly and with precision. 


Agility Class

This class will take what you have mastered in puppy class and obedience class and allow you to challenge your dog with new obstacles.

  • Focus: Socialization and having your dog successfully encounter and master new challenges. 

  • Goals: Our main goal is that you and your dog have fun in an interactive environment. 

  • Schedule: Our agility class is weather dependent. Typically it will be on the first and third Sunday of each month throughout the spring, summer and fall. Please check our training and events calendar for specific dates or email us at


Below is our schedule when classes are in session. Due to Covid-19, all classes require an RSVP no later than the day before and are capped at 5 families per class.


Please see our training and events calendar for specific class times. Thanks and see you on the training field!



Open for Private classes


Puppy Class 4 PM - 5 PM


Obedience Class 4 PM - 5 PM



Open for Private classes


Puppy Class 4 PM - 5 PM


Puppy Class 9AM - 10 AM, 11 AM - 12 PM, 2 PM - 3 PM

Obedience Class 11 AM - 12 PM              


Puppy Class 9AM - 10 AM, 11 AM - 12 PM, 2 PM - 3 PM

Obedience Class 11 AM - 12 PM  

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